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If you have successfully completed an approved subsidised (formal curricular) curricular course at the mg游戏平台app下载 (mg游戏平台app下载), and its legacy institutions – particularly the former Rand Afrikaans University (RAU) and the former Technikon Witwatersrand – then you are part of the mg游戏平台app下载召开. 召开 is the official interface between mg游戏平台app下载 and its alumni and the primary channel for mg游戏平台app下载 校友 to pass their opinions to the University for consideration.

The Institutional Statute of mg游戏平台app下载 determines that the membership of the 召开 consists of:

  • 校友 (diplomates and graduates of formal subsidised qualifications from the mg游戏平台app下载, the former Rand Afrikaans University and the former Technikon Witwatersrand)
  • 副校长和校长, 副校长, the Registrar and other members of the Management Executive Committee of the University;
  • 大学长期学术员工;
  • 大学退休长期学术雇员.

There are various mechanisms through which 召开 discharges its mandate:

  • The 大会执行委员会 meets annually to discuss University matters, changes affecting mg游戏平台app下载 alumni and to develop approved responses;
  • The Annual Meeting of 召开 (AGM) is open to all members of 召开 as per the composition highlighted above;
  • The 大会执行委员会 receives reports from the University, then discusses and agrees on opinions and resolution to be passed on to the University;
  • The 召开 is a legally constituted body that concerns itself with key issues of concern to alumni. It must, however, always recognise the concerns and interests of the University.

想要参与进来? 请与mg游戏平台app下载联系,了解以下详情:

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